January 17, 2019 – I landed a job!

After the disturbing and gut-wrenching layoff last May due to a firm reorganization (nearly a year ago) I was offered a full-time job as a paralegal at a tax law firm, which I gratefully accepted and I have been working there since mid-January. I’ve been employed by a lot of companies in my lifetime (law firms as well as public and private corporations), global companies, boutiques, very small firms and one-offs so I have considerable experience in a variety of venues – some good, some bad, some really good, some really bad. The recession of ’09 killed me financially and emotionally, that’s a fact. I was out of work for nearly four years. Trying to find a full-time job in the legal field between 2009 and 2012, especially in Southern California, was like pulling hen’s teeth. In other words, it was darned near impossible. However, in late 2012,  out of the blue, I was offered a great job at a great company but the kicker was I had to move back home to Portland (from San Diego). I had written a memoir and subsequently published it outlining my experiences during those years. It’s available on Amazon.

Getting back to today, I’ve been working as (what I like to call) a one-stop paralegal hybrid – paralegal, secretary and admin – at a small firm in San Diego. I must admit this is the very best group of people I’ve ever worked with and am immensely grateful that they liked me well enough at the interviews to make me an offer. I have found, at this age, I’m not afraid to be myself anymore. I laugh a lot, I make jokes, I try to be a blessing and bottom line is … I feel blessed. I could go on and on about this group, the clients and the work itself, but suffice it to say at my age, I feel so incredibly blessed to be working and making a living. In a parallel universe, I’d be retired, traveling around the world, enjoying the fruits of my decades-long labor. That was my goal since my early 30’s. The recession knocked me off my feet and I’ve never recovered. It appears the retirement life that I had fashioned for myself was never really in the cards for me. To use one of my favorite phrases, “it is what it is.” And that’s absolutely okay.

Update: Long story short, I was laid off on May 1, 2019.