May 9, 2020 – Coronavirus Update

Once you’re on Elm Street, turn left at the light and continue for three blocks. Turn right at the Stop sign and look for the house with the apple orchard on the east side. You’ll find me in the house. Walk up the porch steps and ring the bell. We’ll have tea.

Of course, this is a fanciful daydream I’m experiencing at this moment but I felt the urge to write it down somewhere. The United States as a whole has been under the dark cloud of the Coronavirus since January. Other countries on the planet are operating under their own set of criteria. We San Diego worker bees were furloughed and laid off our jobs on March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day – when we and everyone in California were ordered to go home and stay there, our children were directed NOT to return to school until they and their parents receive the All Clear. We were ordered to buy and wear face masks when we went outside of our homes, to stay six feet apart from everyone, except those we live with, wash our hands often and pay attention to the news every day.  At last count, tens of millions of Californians have applied for unemployment insurance. The truly sad thing about that statement is that there are so few open positions, possibly 100 of those tens of millions might be hired for a job that lasts more than a week. This is where we have been and it looks like this is where we’re going for quite awhile. No one knows when this nightmare will end. We all hope it is soon. Somehow we know better.

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