May 1, 2019 – May Day: In More Ways Than One…

On May 1, 2019, due to my new firm’s internal issues, my job was terminated and I was “laid off”. That was that.

In my previous post, I shared what a wonderful firm I had landed in ~ I loved the people, interesting work and clients, a real find. I knew the company was experiencing woes that started about a year ago but hoped it would blow over and the Gods would allow me to work there ’til it was time for me to retire. Well …. that didn’t happen. And now, I’m unemployed again. It isn’t the first time I’ve thought about getting out of “legal” but it seems most employers not in legal believe that if they hire you, you’re going to bail as soon as you get an offer from a law firm. That is not always the case.  In my case, it’s not true at all. I’ve contacted my old recruiters and am searching through the job-related websites. Wish me luck.

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