February 22, 2019 – Working, working, working

I landed a really great job in mid-January and have been training myself in a field I’ve never worked in before. Being the type of person who likes to have everything in balance, I’ve had many a sleepless night trying to finagle how to keep all the balls in the air. I’m reminded of a performer on the old Ed Sullivan Show who spun 10 to 12 plates on 3-4′ long sticks which were each connected somehow to a table ~ this guy was able to keep them all in the air at the same time. He was a marvel and we always watched him with trepidation ~ it was a live show and we didn’t want to see one of those plates topple and fall to the table or the floor. I think of that guy nearly every day when I’m trying to keep clients’ needs in the air when everyone seems to want what they want at the very same time and I’m still learning the job. I’m sure a little time and experience will allow me to figure out procedures and processes for doing that but for now, the plates are spinning and my eyes are squinting hoping one of those plates doesn’t fall.

Have a great day.

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