November 6, 2018 – Decisions, decisions, decisions

I’ve decided at long last to get serious about this online business I find myself having created. I signed up for a freelancing 101 course with an online editorial association I recently joined and in a few days, they tell me I’ll receive a link to the webinar I just purchased. Finally… getting serious about this decision I made a couple of months ago. Interestingly, it took me a while (being the Libra that I am) to get myself in gear, alter my way of thinking and being so that I can feel good about working at this business at home and not leaving my house (which is an interesting concept in itself after spending 50 years of my life doing just that), and actually, as Admiral Farragut said, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead,” or something to that effect.  Here I am. At home. On my own laptop. Looking for my first “gig” as a freelance copy editor/proofreader. Hello …

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